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Linkedin: Working Less for Better Results? 
My reply to a post on linkedin:

"Surely - as noted - a good part of strategic thinking often involves simply considering what others are doing / have done. Yet rather than working less, many often find that 'never leaving work' is part and parcel of what most employers are looking for in a professional. (i.e. If we need a doctor, do we not want one that keeps up with his or her trade in their spare-time?)

Likewise, the willingness to understand the patterns and practices from elsewhere often requires a gift of insight that only repeated exposure / constant work can provide. -Such is why folks need Consultants. Surely many have also discovered that looking for bigger-picture lessons often requires a great deal more - rather than less - work.

Yet when we truly enjoy what we are doing, the extra efforts often seems like no-work at-all?

So I do not believe that one should ever look at strategic assessments as a 9-5 activity. If one is genuinely a professional, then strategic thinking takes place far MORE - rather than less - frequently?

Yet perhaps the best way to be ever thinking about one's profession is to simply be sure that one has chosen a profession that one enjoys. ...

"The biggest mistake most people make is trying to earn a living doing something that they do not enjoy." (sic) ---Forbes


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