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Oracle: Web Access to Java Applets 
There I was - happily updating to the latest version of Java under Windows when - boom - access to my own on-line applets suddenly stopped.

Since the red-faced security flaws of Java 6, it seems that our BROWSER Applets are still well beyond any Oracle developer's ability to protect an OPERATING SYSTEM?

The constructive ideas I have to offer range from shifting the safe-tech responsibility back to Oracle Developers to (1) keep the sandbox safe, or encouraging Oracle to (2) simply craft a safe-and-secure 'Lite Version' of Java for browser use... -Much as Sun did for JME, CLDC, and elsewhere.

Until the inspiration is received however, be aware that there is an alternative to exposing your personal information to yet another public register.

Work Around

Since the policy-prohibitions are coming from Oracle - not your operating system - on Windows all one need do is to search for "Java" under the "Start Program" (Search Programs and Files) tools, then select "Configure Java."

Using the above configuration tool, we can add things like the site URLs for,, or to Oracles exceptions list:

(Oracle: Tool tip bundles (1.7 u 51) Missing ?)

In a like manner, feel free to take a moment to add your favorite sites to your Java implementation's "exceptional-site list-of-white":

(Both the Yoda-style rhyme, as well as the GUI pun, are indented!)


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