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Linux Disk Dump (35MB/Sec) 
Last week I noticed that my main drive was showing some classic boot-up warning signs. Rather than risk another 4 hour re-install session (followed by an 6 hour content restoration), we decided to get a 2T Toshiba backup drive.

It arrive skewed. After checking around, lots of my friends at the local computer repair places were saying that the Toshiba Drives have even worse failure rates than Western Digital. (So much for saving $20!)

So it was back to the Internet to get yet another 2T Seagate Barracuda: Tried and true, the 7200 RPM drive is well worth an extra $20.oo (lol.) -Better still, by matching the existing drive our confidence factor was absolute for an anticipated manual swap-out.


After well under 20 hours (was out Christmas shopping when the `dd` completed), the note to self is to use the POSIX `time` command next time around.

More officially however, here are the stats for the disk-dumping of 2TBs worth of data between two "identical" hard drives:

dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb
3907029168+0 records in
3907029168+0 records out
2000398934016 bytes (2.0 TB) copied, 57876.7 s, 34.6 MB/s

(Yea, sounds a bit off to me, too. -But we were running both live & hot.)

Regardless, the next time I Dee-Dee this locus, we might update this entry with the actual `time` (man time) results. Yet for now there is enough info in the above (round to 35MB/Sec - we were not that hot) for others to do the math to support their own `dd` ops.




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