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Better Learning Experiences 
When creating training, I note that it is much like any other creative process: Begin with an outline. To modernize the process, we must also note that video training is all the rage.

Simple training-creation process review:

(1) Make an outline.

(2) Select the key topics for video.

(3) Select the key topics for executive / manager / SME participation.

(4) Cover the rest in a traditional manner (instructor led / web / book-based training.)

(5) Finally, select the key points for the ever critical pre & post-process review. Allow both automated (web, etc.), as well as face-to-face feedback on these pre / post orientation sessions.

Remember: One learns best by involving all of our senses - Auditory, Visual, Tactile, Responsive, as well as the Face-to-face.

Ultimately, wrapping any learning experience with both a written & oral review completed one personal recommendation during a recent discussion over one ideal way to cover most student's critical learning-bases.


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