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LinkedIn Asks: Why Don't You Delegate? 
"Delegation is about trust. -It is also about care & competence.

Delegation also often pre-supposes that we want whomever we delegate TO, to be able to grow so as to to fill bigger shoes some day?

So if one is like the rest of us, then we genuinely * WANT TO * delegate ... allot! -Yet when we trust others to do the things that we could otherwise do ourselves, an extra overhead often accompanies most types of inter-office delegation. -New efforts that often include skills that require an ability to (1) follow up, (2) managing cyclic results, (3) communicate & update objectives, and (4) more! --Chores which are often only worth our extra effort if / when we want those whom we trust, to become better?

Little wonder most feel that it is simply easier to 'do things for oneself', then to 'delegate'?

Of course, over time one will notice that while some folks are able to properly manage the trust required for task delegation, others, cannot. --Indeed, the difference between being a ''leader'' and merely being ''in-charge'' precisely hinges upon the ability to grow others... -Our personal ability to manage many trust-relationships. --An ability to intuitively assign proper tasks... as well as proper rewards!

Ever work with young kids? -If so, then we all know the way ;-)"


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