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Gracefull Java Inter-Process Communications (IPC) 
After reading yesterday's article, those who remain curious over how to properly manage IPC on Windows & POSIX might enjoy our new, simple, Framework. (Note that the source code is included in the download / jar file.)

"The IpcStringReader Class will monitor the results from an executing process so as to:

(1) Present lines-read to a collector line-by-line.

(2) Keep from hanging-up when a process fails and

(3) Allow us to gracefully accept and / or terminate our result line-reading activities when desired.

Designed to quickly & efficiently manage the result from one or many concurrently running (IPC) Processes, see the test cases for examples on how to use this Package."

NOTE: The test cases in this Package also demonstrate how to use the java.util.concurrent.ExecutorService tooling.

IpcReader Project


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