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Policy Permission: Copy & Paste in Java 
Sure I love C#, C/C++, Delphi, VB.NET, JavaScript, Ruby, and PHP, but in my spare time I write allot of Java.

Why Java? Because when it comes to sharing, be it via applets or applications, Java simply shares allot father.

Yet across the globe, folks who are used to being able to share their clipboard with the Java have been disturbed by what seems to be yet another arbitrary edict: somewhere, someone felt that the world would be safer if clipboard sharing was disabled.

Ignoring the idea that the ability to exchange data is a user-driven operation, the fact that a program can dump huge amount of data to a clipboard is not a problem anyone I know of has ever encountered. Yet, as new-found knowledge has ways that wisdom knows nothing of, the fact remains - by default - that another traditional convenience can be denied.

Well, another nicety lost.... yet (hopefully) merely temporarily interrupted? (Ever wonder if Microsoft hires folks to sabotage open efforts? -I sure do!)

While remediation of the problem promises to allow everything from FireFox to Opera to use JVM plug-ins once again, until we are far, far, past this unfortunate event, folks will want to know how to fix their local policy file.

The 'related link' below has an excellent post. The succinct information will help billions of people enjoy the features of several applets here, as well in the Open Source Projects across the cyberverse.

Linux and Windows user alike might be surprised to discover that a java.policy files might not exist. Not having a java.policy file is not too unusual. For those who would like an example to help them create a java.policy file at the proper location, here is a content cut & (ahem) paste:

grant { 
permission java.awt.AWTPermission "accessClipboard";




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