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SOA ... The Easy Way! 
Any tenured resource knows that when bandwidth is not an issues & metadata overhead is necessary to formally define services, that SOAP is best. There are also times when a more efficient encoding with an implicit endpoint CRUD strategy makes REST a better choice. But for the majority of what the planet wants to do with their front ends, be our service architecture ever supported by PHP, JSP, ASP, or legacy CGI fulfilment technologies, there has ever been a far more simple, efficient, and cost effective alternative to SOAP and REST. That way is to simply encapsulate those 20-something year-old “Web Service” GET / POST data & submission bindings so as to create an API to re-use our classic HTTP endpoints.

But don't just take my word for it. Easy HTTP is an Open Source Java Project. A framework anyone can use to prove to themselves how easy it is to re-use classic GET / POST service routines from any "service oriented programming language." EasyHTTP offers us a reasonable way to take that all-important first step in creating a "Service Oriented Architecture" for our business.

After our programs are leveraging our web-legacies, what is the classic evolution away from that BUSINESS WEB to ENTERPRISE / ESB SERVICES? -Search for the word "BEST" in this blog to see what the next steps are.


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