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UML & Hadoop 

What the "H"?

I first bumped into Hadoop in 2010.

While Consulting at the Electronic Proving Ground (EPG) as the Technical Sections Leader, our section was exploring ways to digest the the terabytes of data captured from a typical battlefield. Simulation.

While our flagship product (RICS) had no problem faithfully logging everything from sessions & phone calls to pictures, the SQL Database-bound post-processing could take days. -Far too much time when troops were wanting in the wings to see the KML. Something had to be done to speed things up.

Big Data?

Well, after driving my truck around Fort Huachuca, harvesting the KML for the Google Map proved to be the easy part. -What was daunting at the time was that "T" in terrabye... -Almost as taunting as the "P" in petabyte sounds today! (Got hardware? --Then Hadoop can tackle both 'P' & 'T' ...)


This story had a happy ending... But I would have to shoot BOTH of us if I told anyone why ;-)

Recollecting the challenge I had to host a Hadoop VM ... let alone 50 ... on the racks, I was happy when a colleague of mine asked me to train a his 2013 students on Hadoop. Why? Because - while named for a toy elephant, many believe that wresting a "do-oop" pun out of the mascot's name would make for an extremely accurate pun. HadOOP.



Resolving to make our training for Hadoop a lot more OOP-ey, today I cracked out our favourite editor for a little UML Action. --I wanted to share the ease of the chore, as well as some of the results, with you.

After a few hours tinkering, it seems that we could get NetBeans to generate diagrams, but the UML Feature is decidedly no longer ready for prime time. We decided to use Eclipse, instead.

Today we also downloaded & played with JDeveloper’s UML feature set. A recommended experience!




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