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Ezlog4J - New Release 

Why The Release ...

I was recently involved in a very intense update of training for a Web-Server product. -Not only did the product have numerous new features & bugs, but my client wanted us to keep a journal of everything we were doing.

Blowing the dust off of an internal release of EzLog4J, I had forgotten how handy the tool can be! The release was so valuable, in fact, that we wanted to share that latest & greatest via the project release site.

IUO ... Not?

While we have been enjoying the listed features there-above for some time, Version 2.1 includes the ability to "hotel rank" log entries, search, triage, and export any number of logging events to CSV and HTML.

The bottom line is that even when we are logging every-little-thing, that we can also be hotel-ranking, exporting, and sharing our prioritized result-views with others.


For example, we had numerous ideas why a crash was taking place. While I documented each event, I could also search the hive for common errors.

After we reviewed a set of events, by "hotel ranking" the most important log-entries, I could export only (for example) the "top" (5-Star) items. Better still, once exported we could also re-import them so as to start a new research project all-over-again.

It was like blogging in 5-D ... I even found an excuse to use the built-in voice recorder.

Simplicity is cool :)


Here is the official:

"Don't have time to write it down? No worries! EzLog4J is a graphical interface for managing voice notes, as well as text / HTML log entries.

Notes are captured to standard, editable, log-files. Logs can also be searched, filtered, & then shared via CSV and HTML.

EzLog4J is designed to run anywhere Java is installed. Works great on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and elsewhere.

EzLog4J makes a fine journal or categorized micro-blogger; It keeps track of all of those ad-hoc insights, ideas, & inspirations. -Details that can add up to help make any day, an inspired one!

From a professional point of view, by allowing us to quickly categorize our project-related activities, EzLog4J can help us diagnose complex problems, as well as assist us in creating better status reports.

Finally, EzLog is also free software. Because EzLog4J is free, we can share it with our friends, relatives, co-workers, and chance encounters until our hearts are content!

While somewhat dated (it looks a lot better now!), here is a recently re-published video on YouTube.



p.s. The video is ancient - it documents the first release. -There are many more features in the 2.1 update.


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