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Angry Buddha Springs? 

Loco Motion

Well - true to form - yet another game is sweeping the blogs today. We see it on FaceBook. We see it on Android. We see it on T-shirts in Wal*Mart.

-What was even all the buzz at summer camp this year? Angry Birds, of course!

One of the fun things about AB is the way that objects can bounce, rock, and wobble after they are hit .... even well after they are hit!

How did they make all of that happen in C++? With physics, of course!


Since we have been ''into'' creating rich media applications of late, we decided to look into the actual software behind those 'wobbles in AB. Known as Box2D, in addition to C++, we were surprised to find portings of the Framework to Adobe Flash & Java.


After working the C++ download for awhile, we decided to give the Java version of Box2D a spin (I have someone else working on Flash.) We have pretty much abandoned Eclipse for reasons of code-loss (i.e. far too many files lost due to 'Workspace Issues.') -Fortunately, we have never lost so much as a semicolon with NetBeans.

1 + 1 = 11

Combining the two together, here is all we have to do:

1.) Get a copy of the SVN.

2.) Create a Maven Project on NetBeans.

3.) Point to the "Existing Code Base."

4.) Press "Finish"

While SVN will take a few moments to do it's thing(s), all works extremely well under Ubuntu. -Thereafter, moving it over to the Windows 2000 VM was a slice 'o cake, too.

RIA - Not?

While the documentation warns that the reference implementation for the Java rendering uses Java2D, it seems fine for appreciating the design and developer's use of the Box2D Framework. Gabe also had a great little snippet to share, too.



p.s. What is with the "Buddha Springs" you might ask? Well, it is part of the excellent theory of operations PDF, as offered by Master Erin Catto.


R.A. Nagy 
You might want to try again now - I was able to paste that URL into my browser and it downloaded just fine (~23KB)

William Osborne 
I'm having problems. Basically, I get the SVN, fine, NetBeans downloads a whole lot of jars and tells me in the Project Creation output console thingy, but then it gets stuck at

Downloading: ... in-1.3.jar

with "Create Project" and a progress bar filled up a tiny bit.

Do you have any idea what the problem could be?

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