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Don't be a Monkey! 

Another Chimp, Chump?

I do get SO tired of the monkey-shine. (No, this time I will not treat you to yet-another politically-incorrect pseudorant on neo-politico-religious values. Un-uha.)

What has gotten my goat during lunch today is yet another clueless company. This one, a computer consulting firm: They are using a 'webco that is trying to fool us into giving them our personal information.

And what could be more personal with our email address, than our very-own computer's IP address? -All just sitting ripe and ready in the html server-logs; Combined with any seemingly anonymous data we might foolishly provide to them, poised for yet another denial of service attack, mindless email marketing campaign, or perhaps even a web-mail-cookie email invasion?

Yawn, yawn, yawn ... !

Since the time of 9600 BPS modems, most of us geeky-folk have know that, whenever we create an HTML link (aka: "anchor"), that we have to supply both a "link", and the "human-viewable" part.


<a href="">You only see this part</a>

What is so annoying about the abuse of this seemingly innocent convention today is that whenever you click on 'You only see this part', the computer gets the 'my_code_to_id_you' 'stuff sent to it.

What is the point?

For decades we have all know that if anyone chooses to click-on such a emailed link, that by using a unique my_code_to_id_you value, that we can instantly know that YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS has done so. All I need do is generate a unique number, and use it as the URL suffix, as shown above.


What gets me whenever I see things like the following so often today - is just how stupid do they think we are?

I mean, it is bad enough that they are so DECEITFULLY trying to pull the wool over our eyes. --But by pretending that the HUMAN readable part is just any plain-old URL - and that (who, me?) it is going to make NO attempt to associate your personal information with their innocent fact-finding attempt... just plain 'old makes me sick.

Ho well. On a scale of 1 to 10 on the annoyance meter, this is probably a clear five... but, by way of the final insult, guess what the name of the offending webco is calling itself?


Yup - Unreal, no?

So do yourself a favor: Always check your URLs' before clicking them. --Don't let the link banana-chasers make yet-another monkey, out of you!


-R.A. Nagy


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