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Ah, for the days of Carl Sagan - when the threat of national socialism, global warming, and removing funding from the arts and sciences seemed to be a problem for a republic far, far, away...

While this note has absolutely nothing to do with the late, great cosmic scientist (you know - the one who made billions & billions, only to become affectionately know to Mac developers as "BHA"?), the household conversion from Microsoft Windows to Linux brought such thoughts to mind when passers-by began to comment on this marvelously-named, free screensaver.


The pictures included with the Cosmos screen-saver are wonderful. So too are the pictures circulated by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. While bringing both together seems like a natural thing to do, there is simply no documentation on how to do this.

So here it is:

Enjoying Billions & Billions of Pictures

First, consider signing-up to the NASA News Services (last seen at the NASA Web Site, note that we can also browse & download stellar pictures from there directly, too.)

Save your favorites to a common location. Any folder / directory will do.

Next, set the permissions of the Cosmos folder to something like

sudo chmod 777 /usr/share/backgrounds/cosmos

(did I ever mention that we switched from Centos to Ubuntu? ...If you are not on a similar, then feel free to drop the sudo.)

Then locate & open the Cosmos configuration file (you might even want to put a link to /usr/share/backgrounds/cosmos on your desktop)


(aka /usr/share/backgrounds/cosmos/background-1.xml)

Finally, edit the XML to include the picture(s) you would like to display.

Cosmos XML

While adding too many files will certainly be a painstaking process, here is what a new entry for background-1.xml might look like (apparently Cosmos scripts can be timed - feel free to experiment with creating additional xml file names):


Also, when adding a new picture to Cosmos, note that we are editing a chain of pictures. To insert the latest cosmic work-of-art, merely (1) locate where in the chain you want your new picture to appear, then (2) add an entry in-between (or at the beginning or end) of the Cosmos picture chain.

Once you have given yourself access to the cosmos directory, you can store your pictures there, too. Just dropping your 'pix there will allow them to be randomly displayed.


Of course, in addition to snaps of the galaxy's breathtaking beauty, we can add other types of pictures to Cosmos, too. --Just be sure that the pix from your last family reunion are out-of-this-world.



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