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The Ideal Company Structure? 
LinkedIn Question: "How do you see an ideal structure of IT company? Who reports who? What's the most effective division?"

Response: The problems I see today have far more to do with leadership, motivation, integrity, and ability than with the enforcement of any static hierarchies.

That said, in general I have noted that in between any corporate team"s top (brain) and bottom (hands) that there is often a gap. I believe that the best organizations usually have a way to support, attract, or encourage a hands-on evangelist. One who can bridge the gap between (for example) the boardroom, and the trenches.

Never exclusively an architect, yet never truly a sergeant, the best practice is to grow or recruit people who have a passion for the work, as well as a driving need to tell the truth.

While the passion for completing any task properly can be hard enough to locate, the ability to keep telling everyone the truth often requires that your evangelists have either a superior moral, if not financial, reserve to fall back on. "While wage slaves make extremely marvelous "yes men", they seldom have the intestinal fortitude required to tell everyone the truth, even as they see it.

In short, there is no "magic structure" to find or to enforce. Instead, I believe that the more successful, motivated, and honest the people one has to work with, the better any company will be.


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