The Hershey Fonts

When applied to the Hershey effort, the term "fonts" becomes perhaps a bit of a misnomer. --In reality what we have is a set of images loosely related by offsets. -Much like the extended ASCII of divergent computer manufacturers, some images are lingua-centric, while others are not.

Astrology SVG
Cursive SVG
Cyrilc_1 SVG
Cyrillic SVG
Futural SVG
Futuram SVG
Gothgbt SVG
Gothgrt SVG
Gothiceng SVG
Gothicger SVG
Gothicita SVG
Gothitt SVG
Greek. SVG
Greekc SVG
Greeks SVG
Japanese SVG
Markers SVG
Mathlow SVG
Mathupp SVG
Meteorology SVG
Music SVG
Rowmand SVG
Rowmans SVG
Rowmant SVG
Scriptc SVG
Scripts SVG
Symbolic SVG
Timesg SVG
Timesi SVG
Timesib SVG
Timesr SVG
Timesrb SVG

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For lack of a better name to call a set of images that include map markers, music markups, and many more symbols, rather than "font", we might call each a "Glyph Set?"

Never the less, feel free to overlay the above font-renderings over each other so as to plot out your own re-use strategy. No matter what we choose to call each rendering, I hope you will enjoy using the Hershey Fonts in your own historic creations.

Note: We converted the fonts from their native "R" format to SVC using The Hershey Explorer.