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Welcome to Banman

The Banman project was designed to protect site content.

When we are curious about an IP address, try googling it. For example, IP ownership can be discovered at places like whois.domaintools. Many crawlers & robots are listed at places like user-agent-string.

Undertake something that is difficult; it will do you good. Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.

---Ronald E. Osborn

The Banman protection comes in two forms: temp-ban and perm-ban.

The user interface is banman.php


As the name implies, a temp-ban TEMPORARILY band a user from any more content views.

The amount of time, as well as the number of visits, are managed by the setting found in $SLOW_VISITS, $TOO_FAST_SEC, and $TEMP_BAN_TIME in banned.php. A user is temp-banned whenever their visits are less than or equal to $TOO_FAST_SEC or whenever $SLOW_VISITS is detected within $CLEAN_TIME.


Just as nominally justifiable is the perm-ban: A perm-ban TOTALLY bans an IP address from any more content views.

The perm-ban number of visits is managed by $MAX_VISITS and $CLEAN_TIME. Also located in banned.php, like a temp-ban, the perm-ban's visits must occur within $CLEAN_TIME. During that period, user will be forever banned.


I created Banman to detect & manage undesirable content-scraping activities. Suggestion for improvement are welcome.

-Like all of my other projects, the more people use Banman, the more weekends we will devote to improving it.


---R.A. Nagy